Toddler Talk

The staff at Holy Family 2YO Nursery are due to access specialised training that has been designed and will be delivered by a Speech & Language Therapist and the Wigan Early Learning & Childcare Team.
This training is designed to improve the Communication and Language development of children aged 18 months-3 years and it specifically focused on early language development. The programme is based on the 3 strands of Communication and Language

  1. Listening and Attention
  2. Understanding
  3. Speaking

The children will have access to high quality activities each day to support their development. We will also be developing some activities that can be enjoyed at home. Please speak to Leanne for more information and you can also find some useful activities on the websites below: (free information on what to expect at different ages and stages) (free handouts for parents including quick tips available in 12 languages) (particularly 'Hello Campaign' resources – free to download)

Thankyou for your continued support