Class Structure

Holy Family Catholic Primary School is a one-form entry school from Reception to Year 6 which also caters for 52 children between the ages of 3 and 4 in our Nursery. We now also offer Nursery provision for up to 20 children aged 2 years old in our 2 Year Old Nursery.

Information about the curriculum that is followed in each class (including details of the phonics programmes used) can be found on the relevant class pages.  If you need further information or have any ideas or suggestions of how you can help enrich our children's learning experience using your own knowledge and skills, then please speak to your child's class teacher.

2 Year Old Nursery

Our 2 Year Old Nursery caters for twenty children aged 2 to 3 years and is based near the main entrance, separated from the main school building.  The 2 Year Old Nursery offers flexible provision which enables you to choose which sessions your child attends as well as giving you the option to add to the government funded 15 hours provided for all children aged two.


From the age of 3, each child is entitled to 15 hours of free Nursery provision. We offer flexible delivery of the Nursery provision, which enables you to choose which sessions your child attends. We also give you the option of buying more sessions of Nursery provision if you need them.

The school is organised into three departments: Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Foundation Stage

Nursery (3 - 4 year olds)

Reception (4 - 5 year olds)

Key Stage 1 (Infant Department)

Year 1 pupils (5 - 6 year olds)

Year 2 pupils (6 - 7 year olds)

Key Stage 2 (Junior Department)

Year 3 pupils (7 - 8 year old)

Year 4 pupils (8 - 9 year old)

Year 5 pupils (9 - 10 year old)

Year 6 pupils (10 - 11 year old)

Times of school sessions

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1:

Morning Session       8.55am - 12.00 noon

Afternoon Session    1.15pm - 3.30pm

Key Stage 2:

Morning Session       8.55am - 12.10pm

Afternoon Session    1.15pm - 3.35pm

The table below shows a comparison of the hours spent on teaching at Holy Family during a normal school week alongside the recommended minimum set by the Department for Education. The times shown exclude the statutory daily act of collective worship, registration, lunch and other breaks.


Hours per week (Holy Family)

Hours per week (DfE)

5 - 7

21 hrs. 40 mins

21 hrs.

8 - 11

24 hrs. 10 mins

23 hrs. 30 mins