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Our School Ethos

As one Holy Family, following Jesus, we learn, love and grow to fullness.

Holy Family Primary School believes that, as a Catholic School, we should live following the teaching of our faith with Jesus as our model.  We believe that this will be achieved by:

  • Valuing, respecting and caring for each other.
  • Providing high quality teaching and learning in a caring and supportive environment.
  • Providing a rich, balanced and exciting curriculum which ensures that each pupil is helped to fulfil their full potential.
  • Encouraging and providing opportunities to develop links with the home, parish and local community.

In choosing Holy Family Catholic Primary School for your child’s education, you have made a commitment to the values implicit in the ethos of a Catholic school. In order for those values to become fully developed in your child, we believe that the strength of partnership between home and school must be considerable.  We hope that parents will work to support the school in encouraging the principles of Christianity and humanity, which we feel should govern children’s attitude to life.

We strive to provide a secure and caring environment in which all children can recognise their own self-worth and realise their full potential. We aim to foster and integrate pupils’ spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual, physical, social and cultural development thus aiding the process of Christian and academic maturity and the preparation of pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

We encourage children to live and work together in harmony, being fair to and showing tolerance of and respect for the needs of individuals, and for cultures and religions which are different to their own.