Staff Roles and Responsibilities

Mrs Mitty


Child Protection Officer


Friends of Holy Family

Mr Quigley

Deputy Headteacher

Inclusion and Pupil Premium

Religious Education Curriculum Area



Mrs Ramsay


Y6 Class Teacher

Mrs Bailey

Y5 Class Teacher

Key Stage 2 Leader

Maths Leader

Healthy Schools Curriculum Area


Miss Taylor

Y4 Class Teacher

Science Curriculum Area

Design and Technology Curriculum Area

Mr Gore

Y3 Class Teacher

History Curriculum Area


Mrs Halliwell


Art Curriculum Area


Miss Westwood

ICT Curriculum Area


Eco Schools

Miss Clayton

Y1 Class Teacher

Special Educational Needs

Mrs Bradshaw

Reception Class Teacher

Geoghraphy Curriculum Area

PE Curriculum Area

 Miss Catterall

Nursery Teacher


Maternity leave

Mrs Atkins

Manager - 2 Year Old Nursery

Miss Gaskell

Deputy Manager - 2 Year Old Nursery

Miss T Ormshaw

Third in Charge - 2 Year Old Nursery

Miss Cunningham

Y6 Teaching Assistant (Level 2)

Mrs Lee

Y5 Teaching Assistant (Level 2)

Mrs S Martin

Y4/5/6 Teaching Assistant (Level 2)

Lunchtime Supervisor

First Aider

Mrs Houghton

Y4 Teaching Assistant (Level 2)

Mrs Heppenstall

Y3 Teaching Assistant (Level 2)

Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Gallagher

Y1/2/3 Teaching Assistant (Level 3)

Miss A Ormshaw

Y2 Teaching Assistant (Level 2)

Mrs Shields

Y1 Teaching Assistant (Level 2)

Mrs Prescott

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (based in Reception)

Art Enrichment Leader

Miss Williams

Reception Class Teaching Assistant (Level 2)

Miss Yates

Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant (Level 3)

Miss Burrows

Nursery Teaching Assistant (Level 2)

Mrs Gillibrand

Foundation Stage/Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant (Level 3)

Mrs R Martin

KS1/KS2 Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr Kelly

Whole School Teaching Assistant (Level 2)

Ms Affleck

School Business Manager

Mr McMahon

Learning Mentor


Mr Colclough


Mr Mulligan

Site Manager

Mr Moran

Site Manager

Mrs Lawton


Miss Kinsley

Cleaner/Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Egan

School Cook

Mrs Keenan

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Jones

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Peet

Lunchtime Supervisor